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My Story

Hey there! Welcome to Raising Good Kids! Before I explain what products and courses I offer, let me introduce myself and Raising Good Kids.

My name is Maylin and I am a mom of two. I am also a clinical child psychologist. 

Through my personal experiences as a mom, I have discovered that parenting is HARD. Seriously, this is way harder than I ever imagined. 

What I have also discovered is that being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE has made a huge difference in my confidence as a parent and in my relationship with my children.

I'm on a mission, to make parenting easier
and more fun!

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Featured In

the Brand

I developed this brand as a way of integrating clinical knowledge and proactive parenting with the belief that raising children should be fun, enjoyable, and memorable. If it's not, let's try something new together and see if we can change that.

Here are ways you we can work together:

  • Group Challenge - Join my latest 14-Day Mama Breakthrough Challenge

  • Self-Study Courses - launching soon!

  • Membership Community - paid exclusive community for high-achieving parents like you. This program is launching soon!

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